Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Traditional Airships cost millions of dollars, are difficult to manufacture, difficult to fly, extremely expensive to maintain, requiring large ground installations and crews. The LTA industry and the world desperately need an airship that is rid of this antiquated cost of subsistence, as well as needing a cheap reliable delivery vehicle that does not require expensive infrastructure. Our earth needs and is ready for a transportation vehicle that can arrive and depart from almost anywhere to anywhere.

The KOTHMANN airship is aerodynamically stable over a wide range of atmospheric conditions, altitude, and speed.

The Airship will have a flight endurance of 3 days or more. Hovering capabilities can extend to several weeks without the need to refuel or replenish the aircraft. Solar power or other High Tech engines can extend the endurance.

The Airship can lift and deploy up to 10,000 pounds without the need for cables or rigging, but by means of the pneumatic suction "Hold-Down" system. One of the most important features of the Kothmann is the ability to "stick", like a suction cup, to any relatively smooth paved surface

Does not require large tail and fine surfaces nor nose cone construction; Does not require a mooring mast or, ground crew.

Is rigid and operational with less than optimal lifting gas

The upper and lower modules can be separated for maintenance and role change.

The airship's shape together with the vented fabric hull will allow the safe and reasonable use of Hydrogen as a lifting gas.

The airship's shape also offers a much larger operating platform than traditional airship designs. The lenticular (Oblate Spheroid) shape can be of great value when incorporating on-board antenna arrays, or solar panels

The Airship only needs a small flat area for operation and can land and launch vertically

The airship does not need higher than ambient internal pressure to become rigid and will operate at less than optimal lifting gas volume

The Airship does not need the protection of a hangar and can withstand high storm wind via its self contained tie down system

The airship amalgamation can be modified in simple fashion to allow many different mission capabilities. Moreover, the airship can offer freight service to remote regions of the world for less cost than other air transportation.

The minimum size for the aircraft will be approximately 80'-0" in overall diameter, optimal size is 120' diameter. The maximum size is 200' diameter offering a payload capacity of 30 ton.

Persons with minimal training and basic navigation skills can safely operate the Kothmann. All components of the airship are current off the shelf technology. The Cost of the prototype is $450,000.00 compared to 2 or 3 million for a traditional airship design.